Thomas Edye    – Expert in bioenergetics – Author – Speaker

Short biographyAt the age of 14, my headaches started. I had them almost every day. The pressures on the head could appear depending on parameters that have eluded me for a long time. Of course, I consulted many doctors and acupuncturists without any result. The mystery remained unveiled until the age of thirty. I happened to live in an old house and I got very sick. I came to discover my sensitivity to entities of the invisible world, also known as lost souls. Their presence in my energy field would disturb my own energy field. I started to learn how to help lost souls by allowing them to gather enough energy, enabling them to return to the place they belong.

This period of my life was the beginning of an enormous personal evolution. Very sensitive to any energetic perturbation affecting my energy field, I had to learn how to preserve the integrity of my energy field and discovering a wide set of possible perturbations. I studied energetic medicine, bioenergetics and gathered competencies in many fields dealing with the subtle world.
By the age of 50, I completely abandoned my activity as an electrical engineer, devoting my life to research in the field of bioenergetics. My new professional activity gave me the opportunity to deepen my understanding of the energetic nature of life, how life blocks and health problems ultimately find their deep cause in the subtle aspects of life. I finally came to access the levels making it possible to change the outcome of our lives.

I qualify myself as clairsentient (or clear-feeling), highly intuitive and mediumistic as well as partly clairvoyant.

In 2011 was published my first book, in French on transgenerational patterns.

In 2012, I published by POD Beyond the time trap, timeless dimensions shaping the reality through repetitive patterns

In 2019 was published my fourth book in French, Les Gardiens du Karma, which translates as “The Guardians of Karma”, about a new way to understand the action of Karma. This book is not translated yet.

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