Changing the story of Creation

How the story of creation is cutting us from our pure and divine nature
creation story

In the first chapter of the Bible, we read a story relating that God created the world in six days and that on the seventh, God contemplates his creation to find it good. Believing in this story, as most of us did and many still do has sheer consequences. The first one is about our creativity. In this story of creation, are we just missioned to care for God’s creation? What happens to our own creative forces, shall we suppress them in order to fit into biblical precepts?

The second question arising from the story of creation is about our relationship with the Creator. The bible tells us that the creation has been considered as good, but the observed reality is different: numerous conflicts, the governing leaders are just preparing for the next war, the world is full of inequalities and lack of justice is seen all over the place. This dilemma is solved by the next story, the one of Adam and Eve evicted from paradise. Everything is clear now: the world goes wrong because of human nature. Humans need to undergo a religious improvement program to make the world go better. The goal has been defined by religious doctrines: the kingdom of God, the paradise, or the celestial Jerusalem. Maybe that my ideas are a very simplified version of the complexity of religious thought, but they have the advantage to outline the outrageous manipulation performed on humanity, just to prevent humans from developing their potential instead of filling churches and reciting prayers. During middle age, there were two ways to reach paradise in the afterlife: Devotion, indulgences, and mandatory pilgrimages would open the heavens to the good ones, paying for it would do the same for the others.
The biblical creation story is at the root of a psychodrama, imprisoning our real potential. Either we reject the whole story, or we reject ourselves as being the cause of all the troubles we encounter on earth. This is just basic psychology. We can study thousands of cases where innocent people have been abused and observe that a majority of them will end up believing that they deserve mistreatment because they are so bad inside. The more time goes on, the more I tend to believe that the creation story is a perfidious abuse of humanity.
sainte cecile albi
The 21st century gives us the unique occasion to understand our condition. It is the insight in the psychodrama we live in, based on our belief in the biblical creation story. This belief maintains the idea that we have been thrown out of paradise to suffer, pushing us to ask for redemption, and if we behave well, we will get some rest in a promised celestial world where everything is ok. I truly think that our global therapy at the threshold to the Age of Aquarius is to step out of this psychodrama and to heal our spirit from all the misconceptions and our souls from all the suffering endeavored. This is a tremendous program of transformation. It is starting now!
There are two tremendous changes in our belief system that will be the fundament of global change of consciousness. As soon as we stop considering ourselves as sinners, we may focus on our potential, investing in the development and training of forgotten faculties to create a much brighter future.