What is Bioenergetic Decoding ?

Bio means “life” in ancient greek, Energy is something that is needed in order for something to change. No energy, no change. Energy is needed to maintain the processes of a living organism, whether it is small or complex. These processes do not only occur on the physical, but also on the invisible level. Every living being has its energy field, it is at the root of the physical manifestation of this being.

Bioenergetics is a new science whose purpose is to unify the description of the human energetic body and the construct of a human being. The model of a person’s energetic bodies and the parameters affecting these bodies, proposed within the frame of Bioenergetics, has been set up by a few clairvoyant and clairsentient persons. It tries to respond to the needs of energetic practicians all around the world. The model is continuously evolving.

Bioenergetic Decoding is an ensemble of techniques that make it possible to grab the logic behind a person’s life blocks, whether they concern the physical, the emotional, or the mental sphere. It also proposes techniques, based on precise conscious action, to dismantle these blocks, thus allowing the energy to flow freely.
bioenergetic decoding
The basic underlying idea is that life is all about energy and that this energy is available in unlimited amounts; we could name this energy “free energy”, “prana”, “divine energy”, “life energy”, “manna”, etc. As a matter of fact, Chakras act as transformers. They convert the unlimited free energy into very specific energy acting on a precise function of the energetic body. For example, the fifth chakra, also named throat chakra or Vishuddha chakra, plays a crucial role when it comes to the expression using the physical body (speech, singing, dancing, gesture, juggling). Blocking of the fifth chakra interrupts the energy flow, thus generating a physical handicap (unable to move, to talk, etc.) Blocking may also prevent a person from dancing or cause awkward gestures.
The second underlying idea is that all our handicaps (except those that find their origin in an accident) are of energetic nature. On the physical level, we all have the same brain, but on the subtle level, the energy available for the various mental function will differ among individuals, such as to allow some to show a very brilliant mind and other, to be rather dumb or narrow-minded.
Bioenergetic Decoding is about the comprehension of the deep causes generating the restrictions on a free energy flow. Throughout the past years, more than 50 additional energy centers have been identified, affecting very specific aspects of life, especially on the mental level. It proposes various conscious actions that will restore the free flow.
Thousands of bioenergetic decoding sessions confirm the power of the method and its results.

Below is a list of hindrances or illnesses that have been successfully addressed by the tools of bioenergetic decoding:
– stuttering, difficulties with verbal expression
– lack of self-confidence, need to be confirmed by others
– lack of abundance, recursive unemployment, inability to develop one’s business
– lack of sense in life, inability to find one’s place
– various sex-related problems and illnesses affecting the genital area
– depression, burnout
– various addictions
– repeated situations (aggression, abandon, betrayal, loss, bankruptcy, etc. )
– attacks by black magic
and many many more …

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