Redefining “Healing”

Redifining the meaning of “Healing”

In a classical definition, healing is the action that allows a person to recover from an illness. You can heal from cancer, heal from pneumonia, heal from an addiction. Never it is said that healing equals learning something about the underlying cause of an illness. Many years ago, watching witnesses of persons that went to see the well known Brasilian healer Joao De Deus, I wondered why nobody was questioning himself about the reasons of the health issue that brought them to seek a savior.

As a matter of fact, I have allowed thousands of people to get rid of their health-, their emotional- or mental problems, but I never considered myself as a healer or a savior. According to my considerations, there is no disease, no emotional or mental trouble, without a very logical underlying cause. My role is to discover these causes and help the persons to proceed with modifications such as to make the causes obsolete.

Here is an example: Three years ago, I met Sam, a nice young guy. He underwent medical treatment for Hyperthyroidism. At the beginning of the session, I focused on his thyroid gland and on the throat chakra, closely related to it, in order to gather some information about what could be the cause of this gland to show excess activity. I collected the following information: During the seventeenth century, Sam (or more precisely a previous incarnation of Sam’s soul) lived in Holland, near the sea. He is actively involved in the dam construction to gain land. During a storm, he tried in vain to prevent seawater to destroy the dam. He wasn’t fast enough in piling up bags filled with sand and reinforcing the dam and felt responsible for the damage.
When someone needs to speed up, his thyroid will increase the secretion of thyroxine (the hormone causing the metabolism of the whole body to accelerate). In Sam’s case, the traumatic memory of not being fast enough was the deep reason causing his thyroid to be hyperactive. Once the trauma released (by means of an energetic technique), the thyroxine level fell down, almost immediately, to a much more reasonable level.

Where is the healer? My intervention consisted of removing Sam’s past live traumatic memory, but the healing of the thyroid could just be considered as the return to the normal functioning of his thyroid.

The example above illustrates perfectly the idea of a perfect body being hampered by some hidden external cause: no surgery, no drugs needed. This also means that connected to our perfect body and mind, we have at our disposal the full healing potential we need to recover health. The perfect body acts as an information field that governs each human being. If this information field is not disturbed by any parasitic information field, our body will be able to stay healthy. According to my point of view and based on my experience,EVERY disease is the manifestation of a disturbance on the energetic level. The difficulty is to recognize it to find the right solutions. This way to proceed is the medicine of the future, enabling a person to recover from an illness because her natural healing functions have been restored.

The Healer of the future is not the person that removes a symptom, a disease, an organic dysfunction from a person, it is the one that finds out why the natural healing process is blocked, and will then help the person to release the blocks.

Natural healing process
Below is an additional example, based on a true story such as the previous example. It illustrates perfectly well that we all have the possibility to heal. If we are recovering from an accident, medicine will do its best to repair the tissues that can be repaired, but the healing process again belongs to us. We need to distinguish the idea of repairing from healing. Below is my best example showing that sometimes, the recovery from an accident can be total.

My tomcat Zorro had a lot of adventures, fighting with other male cats, many love stories, leaving home for an entire month. One day, he came back with his tail bitten by a wild animal, maybe as a result of a fight with a marten. The veterinarian shaved the injured tail and X-rayed it, then he prescripted an antibiotic and told us that in any case, he would have to cut his tail because no cat-tail would survive such an accident. The X-Ray of Zorro’s tail is shown just below.
Tail of Zorro
Zorro did not feel very proud with his shaved and severely injured tail. I did my best to free his tail from the physical trauma that had encrypted the images of the attacking wild animal. I also freed the physical trauma affecting each vertebra of his tail, until the energy field of his tail was restored. Two weeks later, the scar didn’t look so frightening anymore and after one month, the hair was growing again. It took some more time for Zorro to recover the full mobility of this tail. I said to Zorro that I would not bring him to the veterinarian again, so I advised him not to fight so much anymore. That was a great demonstration of the healing power at work.