The power of consciousness

What is the power of consciousness ?
divine sparkle

Before we can discuss the power of consciousness, we need to define consciousness itself. To this very metaphysical question, there may be many different possible answers, I want to share with you my very own idea about consciousness:
In the beginning, there was only one single divine consciousness encompassing the whole universe. Although this unique consciousness was infinitely powerful, it was unable to create multiplicity. Therefore, this unique consciousness decided to divide itself into many many distinct sparkles of divine consciousness, each one being the starting point of a living being.

Life is an experience. Each one of these many different sparkles of divine consciousness is experiencing life, and this in two different ways: The first way is the passive experience, where the sparkle of divine consciousness just observes everything that happens within its reach without trying to change anything. The second way is active experience. Each sparkle of light has the possibility to channel divine energy and to use it to change the world around it. Change and movement need energy, unlike a car that remains at its place as long as the engine does not run and the gear is not engaged. Divine energy can be used by the consciousness to modify issues, to light up a desirable future, and to transform darkness into light. The more energy a sparkle of divine consciousness is able to channel and redirect to a specific target, the more powerful its action will be. Seems straightforward, isn’t it?
The power of consciousness
If we want to reach our goals, we need to increase the power at the disposal of our consciousness. If we focus on something that we consider as desirable, this focusing may be accompanied by more or less energy. Increasing the power of our conscious action is all about clearing the channels that transform divine or free energy and make it available to us.

How do we clear up the channels and increase the power of our conscious action?
First, we need to identify the energy centers involved in transforming the divine energy and making it available. Second, we need to understand their operating mode and identify the hindrances or the blocks causing restrictions on the amount of energy available. In most cases, the restriction is due either to a trauma or an action of Karma. These restrictions are also discussed in the article: “A new comprehension of Karma” The precise position of the main point of energy involved in the process of redirecting energy on what we focus on is located on the forehead. Its name is “Focussing attention” or çFA.
Focus attention
On the illustration above, ç5 stands for the fifth or throat chakra, ç6 for the Ajna Chakra, and ç7 for the crown or Vishuddha Chakra
During private sessions, I pay a lot of attention to the operation of this specific energy point. Clearing up the energy channel to become more focused and to increase the light that can be used to focus on what we need to change can be achieved in one single private session.