Transgenerational patterns

Non-genetic transmission explained by transgenerationnel patterns

What if familial transmission occurred in a very different way than according to current scientific theories? The discovery of invisible and purely energetic transgenerational patterns changes everything. To understand the nature and functioning of such transgenerational patterns, it is necessary to let go of materialistic views of the human being and consider that we are in fact “shaped” or influenced by invisible patterns, acting as a powerful field. of energy.

As the DNA was discovered, scientists first thought that the DNA-code holds the complete information for encoding the human being and allowing embryogenesis. But then, biologists computed the amount of information needed to encode a human being and came to the conclusion that the DNA-code does not allow the encoding of all the information. A more recent theory, based on the idea that the DNA-code remains the same, but that depending on other conditions, its expression may change (Epigenetics), tries to work around a mystery.
What if things occurred in a much different way than the one scientists are pursuing? In 2009, I discovered the existence of purely energetic, invisible transgenerational patterns. To understand the nature and the operation of such transgenerational patterns, it is required to leave pure materialistic points of view of the human being and consider that we are in fact “shaped” or influenced by invisible patterns, acting as a powerful energy field. Transgenerational patterns are activated by resonance.
The link to our family tree goes far beyond DNA, the physical heredity, far beyond the family secrets, far beyond the transmission of psychological features. From my understanding, the transgenerational pattern will make us human and not just a physical organism. Transgenerational patterns are transmitting culture, habits, points of view on life, on others, on oneself, ways to perceive and not to perceive, ways to consider intelligence, how to learn, how to love and how to die, religious and metaphysical points of view, and many more. They may also transmit the tendency to develop certain diseases.
Transgenerational patterns are information fields that will alter the “normal state of a person”. Here is a typical example.

Young, Sandy was already a shy person. When she finds herself surrounded by unknown people, in public transportation, or an elevator, she totally unable to look straight ahead, she needs to look on the floor. She also noticed that her mother was a shy person too, and so is her grandma. Trying to investigate her difficulty, Sandy realizes that she feels uncomfortable each time a stranger is looking at her; she figures out that this could be some behavior inherited from her female lineage.

In 2011 was published my book about transgenerational patterns. The book is in French and has not been translated. However, a 35 pages Ebook in English will be available very soon (by mid-February 21)