A new comprehension of Karma

Karma is the word used in the Hindu and Buddhist tradition to designate the ensemble of bad or good actions performed in the past lives. Bad karma needs to be purified, it is the cause of reincarnation. Well, this is a belief system. Nobody has proven it to be true. In western Christian tradition, we are all sinners because of the original sin of Adam and Eve. To become eligible and seated nearby Christ in the afterlife, we need to behave as good Christians (What it means to be a good Christian has seen many changes during the past). Nobody has proven that this religious concept is true.
So what is Karma really if not a religious concept?

In 2012, I started to observe that energy blockage in chakras or other energy centers may have two very precise causes: The first one is that of trauma, finding its root mostly in a past incarnation, and sometimes in the present life. The second reason for a blockage is created and maintained by a form of conscience that I called the guardian of Karma and it is in relationship with a lesson about life.
Here is an example that illustrates the action of Karma, according to a completely new way to look at it:

I met Ingrid a few years ago, motivated to find a solution to her severe postpartum depression.
During the seventeenth century, the incarnation of Ingrid spent her life in a monastery that was at the same time a hospital. She stated that devoting one’s life to others would be the sure way to get admitted to paradise after death. “Karma” took this idea very seriously, thus blocking a very precise energy center, responsible for taking decisions, and located in the frontal cortex. The blocking, lasting for more than three centuries, prevents Ingrid in her present life to make decisions that would include her own needs. But that’s not all: Karma also “forced” Ingrid in the subsequent incarnation to become a mother of many children, losing her energy just by caring for ten children and dying exhausted during the delivery of the eleventh one. In the present incarnation, Ingrid will still be unable to include her own needs in her decisions, and additionally, she carries the remains of past life trauma, the real cause of her postpartum depression.

guardian of karma
I could give you thousands of examples illustrating in a very precise way how a specific idea about life is taken very seriously by Karma, leading to energy blocks and subsequent trauma that until today, we failed to understand.
I also observed the action of Karma according to the very classical way it is taught and understood, but accounting, at least among my “clients”, for no more than about 1% of all cases.
Remember that we are all divine and well-intentioned beings, this has also been true during our past lives. We urgently need to revise the idea that we have on past life restrictions. We can spend thousands of incarnations just trying to get rid of unexisting bad karma. It is much easier to change our beliefs about karma and understand the deep and true reasons for what we sense as the “deep problems” in our lives.
Here is another example illustrating the action of karma:

Jeff came to see me for a session, he just got an invitation from a company for a very attractive position, but located in another state, 600 miles away. The thought of leaving his hometown was the cause of an anxiety attack.
In ancient times, Jeff stated that being sedentary is the true nature of the human being. Karma took this idea very seriously and blocked his first chakra, also named root chakra in a way that it would not allow him to travel and to change place without feeling very uncomfortable. In the subsequent incarnation, Jeff landed in a native and nomad tribe. Each time his tribe decided to leave the place and follow the buffalo herds, Jeff became extremely sick, as if traveling would be the end of his life.
There is a fully logical relationship between Jeff’s anxiety and the job offered to him, but 600 miles away. As a matter of fact, the event in the present enters into resonance with past life trauma, awakening symptoms from the past.

Your blockings too are mostly caused by this type of karmic action. We all still have, and had, erroneous ideas about life, about creation, about the universe, about space and time, about success, about abundance, about health, about spirituality, about the connection to the divine, about biology, about physics, about metaphysics, about medicine, neurology, etc.

Unfortunately, my book about Karma has not been translated yet, it is available in French only: Les Gardiens du Karma, 2018

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