Be successful in facing the present time’s challenges by identifying and releasing the subconscious hindrances that impair your mindset.
Identifying the key aspects that qualify a positive mindset is one thing but it is not sufficient to install a positive mindset. Our subconscious mind holds a real power and may sabotage any of our efforts.

Many successful people tell us that their mindset is the key to their success. But even if we know about their mindset, it is not possible to make a copy-and-paste action for the simple reason that each person has its own subconscious mindset with may support or impair the conscious one. Your conscious mind may have a strong desire for living in abundance, but what if your subconscious mind had a different opinion? The article “Abundance and the subconscious mind” presents the factors shaping the subconscious idea of abundance.
Similar considerations will apply to the key elements of a positive mindset, such as success, growth, fear of failure, long term vision, capacity to break the rules, listening to one’s intuition, positive thinking. There are a lot of persons telling you how to change your mindset, but nobody is there to tell you what to do if it does not work!

Spontaneous visualization is the perfect tool, allowing us to identify the underlying and subconscious version of our mindset. Click below to learn more on spontaneous visualization.

As outlined, spontaneous visualization reveals the accordance or the dissonance of the conscious versus the subconscious desire. Psychotherapy and hypnosis are possible, but inefficient ways to act on the subconscious desire.
Bionerergetic Decoding is a new and revolutionary tool that acts directly on the deep levels of our being, releasing the hindrances that prevent the subconscious mind to be in accordance with the conscious desire.