Reading the golden thread

Discover the link between the present and the past incarnations

A reading of past incarnations over many thousands of years or even much more, addressing the first time you incarnated on Earth! That’s the golden thread, helping you to understand the journey of your soul, grasping your competencies, your limitations, your opportunities, your best and your worst moments, your culminating periods and your periods of crisis.

The thread connecting our incarnations, is punctuated by periods of growth, acquisition of skills, and periods of unrest, struggle, doubt, adversity of hard work and suffering.

Reading the red thread makes it possible to establish a skills assessment based on what has been acquired in other times, and which will be able to be used in the present. As a result, the information obtained will be particularly useful when it comes to career choices. It can also be used to gain knowledge of oneself, of one’s values, of what is animating our being in a very profound way. The golden thread highlights recurrences, skills acquired in the past but inaccessible in the present. Reading the golden thread will allow you to grasp a greater dimension of oneself

What is the benefit of a golden thread reading
In a process of personal development: , the golden thread brings
– to better understanding on one’s relationship to the Earth
– to a better understanding of oneself
– to know one’s skills anchored by successes in the past
– to identify one’s weaknesses
– get an idea about gender changes feminine and masculine
– understand the deep dynamics of one’s soul
– others according to a specific request
In a perspective of resolution of life crises, the common thread allows
– to grasp the role of the incarnation in a much more global perspective
– to grasp the nature of the crisis in a broader way
– to identify ways of resolution
As a tool to define axes of personal development
– by identifying restrictions
– aspects missing in the past
– by identifying recurrences
– by identifying the possible causes of the limitations

Practical aspects The duration of a reading session of the golden thread is about one hour. A full golden thread is usually accomplished in one or two sessions, depending on the complexity of the soul and its experiences.  A golden thread session is done via Zoom, Skype, or WhatsApp.