Transgenerational patterns

Non-genetic transmission explained by transgenerationnel patterns

What if familial transmission occurred in a very different way than according to current scientific theories? The discovery of invisible and purely energetic transgenerational patterns changes everything. To understand the nature and functioning of such transgenerational patterns, it is necessary to let go of materialistic views of the human being and consider that we are in fact “shaped” or influenced by invisible patterns, acting as a powerful field. of energy.

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A new comprehension of Karma

Karma is the word used in the Hindu and Buddhist tradition to designate the ensemble of bad or good actions performed in the past lives. Bad karma needs to be purified, it is the cause of reincarnation. Well, this is a belief system. Nobody has proven it to be true. In western Christian tradition, we are all sinners because of the original sin of Adam and Eve. To become eligible and seated nearby Christ in the afterlife, we need to behave as good Christians (What it means to be a good Christian has seen many changes during the past). Nobody has proven that this religious concept is true.
So what is Karma really if not a religious concept?

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What is Bioenergetic Decoding ?

Bio means “life” in ancient greek, Energy is something that is needed in order for something to change. No energy, no change. Energy is needed to maintain the processes of a living organism, whether it is small or complex. These processes do not only occur on the physical, but also on the invisible level. Every living being has its energy field, it is at the root of the physical manifestation of this being.

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