Abundance and the subconscious mind

How to measure “readiness” for abundance ?

We are many to consider that abundance has to do something with the law of attraction. Therefore, living in abundance is equivalent to “attracting abundance”. What about the influence of the subconscious mind? Is it possible to test or measure the attraction a person exerts on abundance? If so, what are the indicators that would allow a person to check its attractivity towards ab abundance?

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Changing the story of Creation

How the story of creation is cutting us from our pure and divine nature
creation story

In the first chapter of the Bible, we read a story relating that God created the world in six days and that on the seventh, God contemplates his creation to find it good. Believing in this story, as most of us did and many still do has sheer consequences. The first one is about our creativity. In this story of creation, are we just missioned to care for God’s creation? What happens to our own creative forces, shall we suppress them in order to fit into biblical precepts?

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Redefining “Healing”

Redifining the meaning of “Healing”

In a classical definition, healing is the action that allows a person to recover from an illness. You can heal from cancer, heal from pneumonia, heal from an addiction. Never it is said that healing equals learning something about the underlying cause of an illness. Many years ago, watching witnesses of persons that went to see the well known Brasilian healer Joao De Deus, I wondered why nobody was questioning himself about the reasons of the health issue that brought them to seek a savior.

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The power of consciousness

What is the power of consciousness ?
divine sparkle

Before we can discuss the power of consciousness, we need to define consciousness itself. To this very metaphysical question, there may be many different possible answers, I want to share with you my very own idea about consciousness:
In the beginning, there was only one single divine consciousness encompassing the whole universe. Although this unique consciousness was infinitely powerful, it was unable to create multiplicity. Therefore, this unique consciousness decided to divide itself into many many distinct sparkles of divine consciousness, each one being the starting point of a living being.

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