Ready for abundance ?

How to measure “readiness” for abundance ?

We are many to consider that abundance has to do something with the law of attraction. Therefore, living in abundance is equivalent to “attracting abundance”. Is it possible to test or measure the attraction a person exerts on abundance? If so, what are the indicators that would allow a person to check its attractivity towards ab abundance?
There exist many theories about attracting what you want in your life, and there exist methods of visualization whose purpose is to create or to reinforce the attraction. But these methods, even if some of these have been proven to be quite efficient, still not allow to test the attractiveness, the natural and effortless flow of abundance.

The present method is based on spontaneous visualization, avoiding the pitfalls of the active visualization. The difference is explained in the video just below

By using the spontaneous visualization method, you will be informed about the actual state of readiness for abundance, which is produced by the subconscious- and not by the conscious mind. The subconscious mind is extremely powerful, even able to sabotage your connection to abundance such as to make your subconscious reality become true, rather than your conscious desire.

How can we change the subconscious mind?

In fact, a spontaneous visualization allows obtaining the unmanipulated truth about oneself. Therefore, the question “how to change the subconscious mind” shall rather be “How to change one’s reality at the causal level”? In order to do this, we need to understand the factors determining the readiness for abundance at this very deep causal level.

The six factors determining abundance the causal level
1. Beliefs about money and power by money and spiritual evolution

So many of us have spent lives in poverty and denial of money, within middle-age monastic places. Vows, uttered without specifying their expiry date, are still actively preventing access to abundance. this is just one example that goes under this category.

2. Transgenerational belief patterns concerning wealth and money

Transgenerational patterns in relationship with money, wealth, abundance, etc. are carried along by our family trees.  We have to take a careful look at the patterns, the belief systems concerning money that will constitute a part of the unconscious memory in each one of us.  A highly efficient technique allows one to free of unwanted transgenerational patterns.

3. Belief about the origin of abundance and its flow

Abundance is generated by Gaia. Restoring our relationship with Gaia is central to recover access to abundance.

4. Present and past life traumas in relation to abundance

Anger and fear, finding their origin in present- and past life traumas will affect access to abundance in a very direct manner.

5. Considerations about growth and decrease

We may think, not without reason, that the actual climate crisis finds partly its origin in the growth without bounds on earth, If we crave for abundance, are we part of this deadly game that is about to kill our planet? There is indeed some need to clear this up.

6. Considerations of the soul